Create an Endowment

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Create an Endowment 

Of all forms of private giving, an endowment is a powerful investment in higher education. The principal amount ($25,000 or more) remains intact, while only a portion of the investment earnings is spent, allowing the fund to grow over time. This produces a source of income in perpetuity for the University of South Dakota -- an endowment is forever. 

As an endowment donor, you can support programs at the University’s discretion (unrestricted endowments) or fund endowments (restricted endowments) for specific purposes such as scholarships, professorships, academic and athletic programs, research and academic enrichment. It's all up to you.

We're available to help you implement giving strategies that will achieve your own long-term vision. Call 1-800-521-3575 or get in touch with a member of the development team for more information about creating your own endowment fund.

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